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Corporate vision
Adhere to the principle of customer-oriented. Market-oriented, based on domestic and international markets, to meet customer requirements for the diversification of air compressor products, quality, continuous research and innovation.
Company Mission
Focus on air compressor research and development
Safe and efficient vehicle drive system to provide solutions
Continuous innovation, the pursuit of high-quality technical services
Become the industry's most influential brand
Corporate purposes
Create value for customers
Create opportunities for employees
Create benefits for the community
Entrepreneurial spirit
People-oriented and realistic and innovative
Pursuit of development and harmonious development
Corporate philosophy
Customer satisfaction, social benefits, respect for talent, develop talent, retain talent
Endurance management philosophy
Continuously creating products with the comprehensive advantages of quality, service and cost is the source of endurance competitive advantage, and constantly provide customers with the best air compressor technology and professional knowledge and high-quality products and services, and constantly improve their professional accomplishment. Continued development of inexhaustible motivation. The three organic combination of structural endurance core competitiveness. There is only one way to achieve this goal, what we call endurance beliefs. We believe we must always communicate with our customers and establish a long-term relationship to understand their needs and direction and flexibly meet the needs of different customers. We promise to use the best method to increase the reliability of customer's use. Starting from fully supporting existing products, we will continue to innovate to create more advanced technologies to make our customers feel comfortable and satisfied.